Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 30 Day Movie Challenge (in one blog)

Hey, everyone. It's been awhile since I've touched the blog...and seeing as how this might be my last post for awhile, I wanted to go out on a (potentially) big note. I'm sure you're all familiar with The 30 Day Movie Challenge that you see on Facebook & Twitter (probably, anyway. I personally don't use Twitter) and it's something that I've always wanted to do but have just never had time to do so. I know you're only supposed to do one entry a day on this challenge, but I don't have thirty days to spare, so here goes!

01. Best Movie You Saw In The Last Year - Predators
This movie was a lot of fun for me, going back to form with what made the original Predator so great. Is it better than Predator? Absolutely not, but it's still a kick ass flick.

02. The Most Underrated Movie - Office Space
Whenever people talk about their favorite comedies, this one seldom comes up. Why?

03. A Movie That Makes You Really Happy - Grumpy Old Men
If these two bickering doesn't make you smile at the very least, then you have no soul.

04. A Move That Makes You Really Sad - Marley & Me
This is, in all honesty, a really good movie. It's just the last few minutes of the movie bring back some really bad memories from 8 years ago and I just can't watch it.

05. Favorite Love Story In A Movie - Just Friends
This one was really hard for me, seeing as how I don't really watch movies with all that lovey-dovey smutz in it, but I'm going to say Just Friends because of all of the awkward things Ryan Reynolds goes through. The 40 Year Old Virgin comes in a close second.

06. Favorite Made For TV Movie - The Beast
Y'know, if I had seen It, that would probably be here because of Tim Curry. Instead, you get The Beast, which is basically Peter Benchley cashing in on his success from Jaws using a similar story except with a Giant Squid instead of a Great White.

07. The Most Surprising Plot - Twist/EndingKiller Condom
SPOILERS: The Killer Condom turns out to be genetically engineered to try and kill New York's sexual deviants, homosexuals included. Near the end of the film, Detective Luigi Macaroni gives this huge speech about the religious side of homosexuality and I sure as hell wasn't expecting that in a film about a carnivorous prophylactic.

08. A Movie You've Seen Countless Times - Ghostbusters
Come on. It's friggin' Ghostbusters. This is one of the movies I grew up on.

09. A Movie With The Best Soundtrack - Freddy vs Jason
I was really into that nu-metal stuff when this film came out and I looked at the soundtrack listing and was pretty floored. This is the best I've got right now.

10. Favorite Classic Movie - King Kong
This version from 1933 legitimately scared me as a kid. Not so much now, but you gotta appreciate all the effort that went into Kong and the various creatures on Skull Island.

11. A Movie That Changed Your Opinion About Something - Alien vs Predator: Requiem
I'll admit, I kinda enjoyed this one, but suddenly the first Alien vs. Predator didn't seem so bad.

12. A Movie That You Hate - The Love Guru
This movie was so painful that chewing on my gross socks (after a full day's work) while asphyxiating myself with a towel after rubbing A5-35 on my balls was more enjoyable. Don't give me that whole "if you're a hockey fan, you'll enjoy it more" crap. I've talked with hockey fans who hated this cinematic abomination as well.

13. A Movie That Is A Guilty Pleasure - Godzilla
Is this 1998 attempt a bad movie? Yeah. Was the cartoon series that followed better? Yeah. I still like it for what it is, though. I'll admit, it does drag out near the end, though.

14. A Movie That No One Would Expect You To Love - Rain Man
I'm an action/adventure guy who likes large creatures tearing the screen up, so it surprises many people when I tell them that the movie with Autistic Dustin Hoffman is one of my favorites.

15. A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most - ???
I usually watch film to escape reality, not to look for social commentary or emotional reassurance. Yeah, I know this is a cheat answer. Sue me.

16. A Movie That You Used To Love But Now Hate - Hot Shots
I used to laugh hysterically at this film, but when I watched it when I was 20, it was just...dumb. I'm sure the over-saturation of parody films may have had something to do with that.

17. A Movie That Disappointed You The Most - Zombieland
You know that really long list of movies that give away all the good stuff in the trailers and then pad out the rest of the movie with boring crap? Add this one on there.

18. A Movie That You Wish More People Would've Seen - ???
I'm not entirely sure what to say for this one. Box Office Wise, I would say Peter Jackson's King Kong because I recall that one not doing too well at the box office. As far as quality film would go, I'd say the original Dracula film. I mean, Francis Ford Coppola's version was pretty good but you can't beat Bela Legosi's Dracula.

19. Favorite Movie Based On A Book/Comic/Etc. - Mortal Kombat
I can't use the film you're all thinking I will (saving that one) for this one, so I'm going to say Favorite Movie Based On A Game - Mortal Kombat. This is probably the most faithful adaptation I've seen of a game.

20. Favorite Movie From Your Favorite Actor/Actress - ???
I don't have a favorite actor/actress, so I can't really answer that one.

21. Favorite Action Movie - Predator
The manliest movie ever made and featuring one of the most bad-ass villains ever designed, Predator just needed gratuitous female nudity to be the ultimate guy movie.

22. Favorite Documentary - Bowling For Columbine
I love the whole message of scapegoating in this film and how it tries to figure out if people in the States are insane or just trigger happy. The interview with Marilyn Manson has to be one of the most down to Earth conversations I've ever heard from someone of that stature.

23. Favorite Animation - Toy Story 2
One of the few sequels that out does the original, Toy Story 2 had laughs, drama, great acting and asks some very serious questions about what's better: fame or happiness.

24. That One Awesome Idea That Still Hasn't Been Done Yet - Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
I know there's two comics of this one, but holy crap, this would've been an amazing movie.

25. The Most Hilarious Movie You've Ever Seen - The Wicker Man
Not the original from the 70s that had gratuitous female nudity, but the one from 2006 with Nicholas Cage. Is it trying to be funny? No, but it fails miserably on that front and becomes one of those laugh-so-hard-you'll-piss-yourself films.

26. A Movie That You Love But Everyone Hates - The Punisher
Specifically the 2004 version with Thomas Jane. Many complain that this film does not do the Punisher's style credit, treating him more like a stealth agent rather than his usual less than subtle approach, but come on: can you think of an actor who portrayed Frank Castle better than Thomas Jane? Didn't think so.

27. A Move That You Wish You Had Seen In Theatres - Machete
I had to skip this one because of limited finances, but when I finally saw it on DVD, a part of me wishes I had been able to experience all of the over the top action scenes on a 40 ft screen.

28. Favorite Movie From Your Favorite Director - Jaws
No no, still saving the one you're all thinking of, so here's the next one in line. This movie is still frightening in the buildup and the tension that the characters go through. An absolutely brilliant film.

29. A Movie From Your Childhood - Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend
An old Disney (if I remember correctly) production about the Mokele Mbembe in the African Congo and a research couple having to look after the young one after the father is killed and the mother is captured. Who wouldn't want to backpack through the Congo with a baby Sauropod?

30. Your Favorite Movie Of All Time - Jurassic Park

^^This. 'nuff said.