Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To any Jurassic Park fans out there:

Hey, folks!  Do you love Jurassic Park?  Do you want to see maximum effort put into Jurassic Park 4 so that it (hopefully) won't suck like the last one?  If not, do you want the opportunity to personally thank Steven Spielberg for spearheading such a kick ass film?  Well, now you can!

Below is a link to a Facebook group where one dedicated fan is hoping to do just that.  His goal is to get enough people together with video testimonials (about 90-120 seconds in length) and put together a fan film featuring real JP fans giving their thanks to Steven Spielberg so that this will hopefully inspire him as producer to make sure that JP4 isn't completely phoned in.

This is a great goal and let's help Mr. Brent Kappel reach it.

Jurassic Park Fan Film