Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Blurb Review-Terminator: Salvation

So I finally got around to watching Terminator: Salvation over the Thanksgiving weekend. Hell, I even got to watch it on Blu-Ray...on a tube tv, but it was still Blu-Ray. And what did I think of it? Meh.

Basically, the overall look of this film is Reign Of Fire with Terminators. The world looks like an ashtray with machines stomping around instead of dragons. The story isn't anything too exciting because the biggest twist was revealed in the trailers and that REALLY hurt this movie in the end.

The cast, much like the rest of this movie, is pretty forgettable, with the exception of Sam Worthington. It really says something when a side character is more attatchable than John Connor in a fucking TERMINATOR MOVIE. Christian Bale as Connor didn't win me over any. I honestly thought Nick Stahl did a better job in T3: Rise Of The Machines.

Let's talk about the effects. I think the half-melted faces revealing metallic skeletons look better this time around than they did in T3, but there was too much CGI in this movie. I'm NOT a fan of the full CGI T-800 in this movie and there were a couple of shots that could've easily been done with practical effects. ILM's done better work, but the "Arnold" cameo was a nice fanfare touch.

As for watching it on Blu-Ray? Even seeing Blu-Rays on LCD & Plasma TVs and comparing it to tubes, I still don't see a difference between the three kinds of TVs. Hell, I still don't see a difference between DVD & Blu-Ray. Needless to say, I won't be buying a Blu-Ray player anytime soon when DVDs are still in full swing.

Final thoughts? To put it harshly, Salvation is the most unentertaining of the series and really not worth the 114 minute runtime. It's by no means unwatchable, but it's so damn forgettable.

-The Cynic

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