Monday, January 24, 2011

New Feature! P.M.S Cooks!

Hey guys, just plotting some new content for all of you instead of working on my latest review (which will actually be a new video! yay!).

Now something I've noticed with my Facebook posts is how often I talk about cooking. I love to cook and bake. So, a new feature I am thinking of implementing is recipe reviews, as well as posts of my own various culinary exploits, using the Cynic and myself as guinea pigs lol. This posts will probably not be as frequent as other features here, but might be something different and interesting every now and again.

So for our first feature let's have a look at some homemade pizza. Well, more or less homemade, I started with a Kraft Pizza Kit and went from there. We used to get them sometimes when I was a kid and I've always liked them. So once the dough was on the pan, sauce was added and then the spice packet. After this I added sprinkled on two cloves' worth of garlic, which had been put through a press, and some spinach (which I didn't measure, just cut up enough for our tastes). Parmesan cheese was then sprinkled on, and it looked like this at this point.

Pepperoni came next. Now I had acquired a 1 kg pepperoni and that was WAY more than enough for the two pizzas. In fact, I got about 2 1/2 layers on each, as I wanted to use it all. I think the picture will explain better than I can just how much pepperoni was on these pizzas.

Finally the whole works was cheesed over with mozzarella. I used a whole block for both, but it was one of the smaller, thinner blocks and that was enough.

With my messy table and Def Leppard on the DVD player lol.

I'd say these were about ten minutes or just over in the oven at 400F. Then again, my oven tends to run hot, especially when cooking pizza. Here they are all done and ready to eat. And it was delicious. :D

So, what do you guys think? As I said, these will be sporadic compared to something like the Demo Reviews, but would be something different (as there really haven't been a lot of new demos lately, most of them are games that are already out). Let me know if you like or dislike.

Oh, and one last thing. I just want to share with you the super-aweome, holy shit, jump-up-and-down-squeeing birthday present that I got from the Cynic. Behold!

This is probably my favorite show EVAR, and to have BOTH seasons on DVD is pants-shittingly awesome. And I have already dug into it, and it is so much fun. :D

Well kids, that's all for me this time, I will see about a new demo review soon. Unless something new comes out very soon, though, it will be a game that has already been released. But, we shall see!

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  1. Woah woah woah, wait. There was a Sinbad TV show!? Fuck me, how did I never know?I fucking LOVE the old Sinbad trilogy from the 50's-70's or whenever it was.