Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 7 Guilty Pleasures In Music Vol. 2

So with my last Guilty Pleasures list, I realized that I had picked songs that for the most part, were located within my favorite genre: rock. Anyone who knows me personally could easily see why I like those songs, so for this one, I decided to think outside the box and take another stab at it. Since the radio at work is rarely on the rock stations, I was surprised at how easy this list was to fill. This is Coffee With The Cynic's Top 7 Guilty Pleasures In Music 2.0.

#7 - La Roux's "Bullet Proof"

Upon first hearing this song, I figured, "Eh, it's not bad," but whenever it comes on, I can always sense my foot tapping along. I Googled the song to verify the correct spelling and the YouTube video was right there and I was surprised to see a girl who looks like she's trying to be in Roxette instead of something like The Pussycat Dolls, which is the archetype I had in mind. Just goes to show you that not every pop artist has to look like a fucking stripper in order to get by. Good for La Roux. Does it get overplayed? Yeah, but I'm not completely sick of it yet.

#6 - Karl Wolfe's "Hurting (Radio Remix ft. Sway)"

Now the version that I'm going with is the Radio Remix because I'm most familiar with this version. You know, the one that sounds like it'll bust into some "Dancing Queen" or some shit. It's so disco and seems almost out of place with a lot of today's music, but the disco tempo works better than the original, which sounds more like a Darren Hayes song. Overall, the song is pretty fun and the best part is the end where Karl is harmonizing in the background. Reminds me of the breakdown in Machine Head's "Beautiful Mourning," (at about the 2:34 mark) and I wish bands would do it more often.

#5 - Brad Paisley

No particular song, just Brad Paisley in general. Brad to me is country music's answer to Theory Of A Deadman. Some of his songs can be sappy, but the ones I'm most familiar with are either stupidly catchy
or damn funny. Yet, he can be pretty dark with a song like "Whiskey Lullaby," a chilling tune about drinking yourself into the abyss over a broken heart. You gotta respect the diversity of Brad's repertoire and to boot, he's a country artist that actually SOUNDS country and not country/pop. You know what? If I still played bass, and if it came up, I'd play bass for Brad Paisley. Yeah, fuck it! I'd do it.

#4 - Garth Brooks' "The Thunder Rolls"

My apologies for the slideshow, I couldn't find the official video. I find it astonishing that some rock band hasn't done a cover of this song yet. This song has the perfect atmosphere for it. The acoustic guitar, the stormy background, the way Garth delivers the lyrics, it's fucking awesome. All this song would need is a guitar solo and it's pretty much set. Apparently there's another verse to the song, but it's never played on the radio and the banned music video supposedly sums it up nicely. This is a song from my childhood that seems to have stuck with me for all these years, even when my tastes changed from country to rock. THAT, my friends, takes skill.

#3 - Timbaland's "The Morning After Dark (ft. Soshy & Nelly Furtado)

This song I had only heard at work & they only mentioned Timbaland & Nelly Furtado. It wasn't until I watched the music video that I realized the woman rapping in the middle of the song in fact, WASN'T Nelly but this Soshy girl I'd never even heard of. Anyway, I think I like this song because of the drum beat and oddly enough how the vocals between the three artists flow so nicely. I don't really play the games much anymore, but if this song was available for Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I'd take a stab at it. Easily. If nothing else, I just love the faces Timbaland makes in this video to help him enunciate.

#2 - Florida's "Low (ft. T-Pain)"

I say Florida because I refuse to call him "Flo Rida." Let's face it, this song is absolutely fucking retarded. However, I think that's where they enjoyment is. You can't help but tap along to it, simply because of the absurdity of it. Your foot laughs at the song for you and it leaves you warmhearted afterwards. Travis Barker did a remix of this song that actually sounds pretty good and you can download it for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

And the #1 Guilty Pleasure Is...
Oh, man, I can't believe I'm actually saying this...Black Eyed Peas' "Rock That Body."

This is a new low for me, folks. Like, being caught masturbating in public by your mother low. At one point I even said, and I quote, "The Black Eyed Peas are the worst artist going right now." That was of course until Kesha showed up and made me eat my foot. That said, I still fucking hate The Black Eyed Peas. Yet this song comes on and I'm like, "Okay, this isn't bad."

Wait, what?! There's nothing to like about this song! The lyrics are repetitive, albeit not Imma Be or I Gotta Feeling repetitive. The way Fergie's voice is distorted makes me feel like I'm in Grade 6 listening to Aqua again & thus brings back all kinds of deep psychological issues. The voices of Bill & the other Peas annoy the hell out of me, yet I can't help but air drum along to this song. Maybe I only like the song because of the drum beat. Since I mentioned them in the last two entries, this song might be a challenge in GH or RB, but still, it's the fucking Black Eyed Peas! They suck! Hard! And so should this song! But, it doesn't! A good Black Eyed Peas song? The world doesn't make sense anymore!

-The Cynic

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