Wednesday, August 24, 2011

YouTube Channel Follow Up

Okay, so it's been a long time since I've done anything on my YouTube Channel, but that's because of the cluster fuck that has been the summer of 2011, I am currently without video equipment. Hence why the Blog has been pumping out post after post after post, but today on the Blog I'd like to touch base on things that I've reviewed on my YouTube Channel and my opinion may have changed since said reviews. This is the Coffee With The Cynic YouTube Followup.

Painkiller Drum Expert+ Run: This is the first video I ever did for Coffee With The Cynic to try and get comfortable with being in front of the camera. I started doing this because I love talking about pop culture and any job that I've had where I didn't talk about pop culture in some way, shape or form bored the piss out of me (I don't get paid to do this either, but I'm just saying). A few of you are probably wondering if I ever finished this song on Expert+. Well, yes. However, it wasn't solo. I was on drums and my buddy Steve was on guitar, we were both on the highest difficulty possible and we barely finished this song. The last drum fill is still fucking nigh impossible to follow and the edges of the screen were blood-red once the song was done. We only had a three star rating by the end, but we still finished the song.

Zombieland Review: Okay, in this review, I said that Zombieland was okay. However, if anyone here has read my Top 7 Most Disappointing Movies blog, you'll know that my opinion of Zombieland has not sweetened with time. In fact, I fucking hate this movie. I never want to watch it again. It'll be a miracle if I watch the second one.

Justin Beiber Rant: Bieber's still a twat and him fucking Selena Gomez will not change that.

Avatar: Much like Zombieland, I thought Avatar was okay the first time I watched it. However, with all the nonstop praise and muffin tops of feces that people have over this movie, I got tired of hearing it. I actually watched it again (sadly) and it does not hold up well. I even watched the Blu-Ray on a 1080p Plasma 42" TV and the special effects look even more like a fucking video game than it did on our old 32" tube. Jurassic Park looked friggin' sexy on that TV, but Avatar worsened. A lot.

My Darkest Days' "Porn Star Dancing": I really dug this song when it first came out, mostly due to Zakk Wylde's presence, but that was before the song was bludgeoned over my head by KX96. I cannot stand "Porn Star Dancing" anymore. Hell, even My Darkest Days' follow up single, "Move Your Body," hasn't convinced me that these guys are capable of being more than a one hit wonder. Five bucks says that their next album tanks and they fade, provided they even get that far.

Really, that's it. Yeah, this blog didn't really take much, but I wanted to give a bit of an update on how things changed a bit since I last reviewed them on YouTube. Aside from what's listed here, nothing's changed. The Love Guru is still the worst movie ever, Jurassic Park: Redemption still raped my childhood, song sampling still pisses me off, and there's more to come on the ol' YouTube channel...once I have video equipment.

-The Cynic

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